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  1. If you can pull a great shot on one of these, you can use anything. The roasters are going to have fun blending for these 🙂

  2. I think that if you can pull a great shot on this then you are a great barista. Which is kind of the point of the competition. Same can be said for any machine really.

  3. That was my point. Makes things more interesting.

  4. Here in Germany they now take a 50€ fee from each participant. Bugger.

  5. Does anyone have a list of Coffee Shops who use these machines?

  6. Hi James. I’m always interested in what others have to say. You seem like a rational, objective guy – how’s about we arrange for you to test one of our machines (perhaps in comparison to whatever you use currently)? You would then be quite welcome to publish any comments. Cheers Andrew from SanRemo

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