Dublin The End for me :(

Ok so I left Dublin yesterday evening. A busy weekend, with much to reflect on. Again re confirmed that baristas are the coolest people in coffee, and the most fun to hang out with. Confirmed its like wading through mud with the whole quality coffee thing when talking to lots of coffee people. Confirmed is the Dublin’ers drink a lot and don’t eat a lot. And confirmed they have a great Café Culture in Dublin.

There were a few other things learned, like with Ryan Air you get what you pay for.

In the afternoon there was a roasting workshop and a workshop on Filter and another on espresso brewing. The roasting workshop wasn’t really a spectator sport. Here the teams competed to make a blend roasting on a small probat sample roaster. Fun for them I’m sure but not great fun to watch. I then had to choose between espresso and filter. I followed the UK team and watched the filter demonstration.

I want expecting a huge lot from this one but I love filter and wanted to see what they would try and get across. Refreshingly they focused on what they knew, filter brewing and the Marco guys put together a great presentation. The one thing I really love was they allowed the audience to participate in the tasting and they presented it so well. In fact it left me so inspired I’m going to try and use the information for an article on filter brewing for the masses.

So to recap great place great people, Ben I didn’t keep you up until 4 in the morning telling you all about why the markets messed up, and if I did its because you asked. Stephen Morrisey, you a cool guy and I really enjoyed hanging out with you. Carl Purdey you are a top Barista, keep doing what you’re doing a man with ethics in coffee is a rare find. The Bewleys roasting guys, you rock keep the faith and keep trying to push the envelope. BAB you were a ray on sunlight during the day, Gary you make me smile. And Jim it is your fault I was left all alone in Dublin Town Centre on my own without any money to get back to the hotel for the taxi.

Everyone else I met and missed I love you all deeply thanks for being great hosts.

PS. UK are currently just in the lead, its neck and neck.

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  1. I suspect that no matter how I phrase it I will never be able to get it to come across properly – I didn’t do it on purpose and it honestly wasn’t my fault. Nor was the other thing that upset you but I do have a present for you that will make you feel better……

  2. Gifts are always the best way to my heart, love you jim 😉

  3. Hey Steve

    It was very cool meeting you and I suspect I will be making a trip in your direction shortly. Don’t be a stranger.


  4. Steve,

    Many thanks for the gratifying comments. Spread the word. Make Filter Coffee the coolest thing in town. CoE brewed correctly can take over the world. Tell them I told you!
    Keep the faith.

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