Dublin Pt 3

Roasting Presentation

Dublin pt3.

So the games commence. This morning there were to presentations, one on green beans and the other on Coffee roasting. Both of them were very interesting and informative, in not a little lacking on the quality aspects, and much more on the nuts and bolts.

The green bean was very commodity market orientated, which is an aspect of coffee but I don’t think anything to do with the Baristas participating in the event. This is no disrespect to the people giving the talk, I know them, I know they have some great green coffees, but the talk didn’t really talk about them.

The Roasting one was a little more impressive, but again nuts and bolts, and I get really concerned when people use temperatures as a measure when talking about roasting. You may as well throw any numbers around, as every set up machine will be different, and what are you measuring, air temperature or bean temperature and if bean temperature how does that help you with roasting as you cant get the bean temperature unless your guesstimating.

So this afternoon we have a roasting workshop and a filter brewing workshop, more to come.

Green Presentation

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  1. More!

    I want to be there too…..

  2. sure you can get bean temp. with money, anything’s possible. seems like i saw some laser temp sensor that could articulate inner bean temp…but it was bank!

    anyways, great posts here, steve. or as you brits like to say, “top post.” heh!

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