Day three of the seven day Marathon.

Day three of the seven day new coffee marathon, and we have a new blend, to replace the out going He Visitardo. Its along those similar lines of very bright fruity and an alternative to the sweet smooth balanced and rich espressos of the premium and the house espresso.

Its with great care I introduce a new blend as its so easy to bulk out the range with blends and have nothing else, but I do think this is a worth addition.

Let me know your thoughts you can go here or read about it below.

This is a direct replacement for the ‘He Visitado’ blend. It is our bright, light and fruity espresso blend. The other Has Bean blends tend to be much more balanced and sweeter. This is for those that loved sour sweets at school or enjoy bright espresso.

This blend is built on a base of Rwandan Murambi Bourbon (40%) for its sweetness, body and mouthfeel, (30%) Nicaraguan Los Altos with bright blackcurrent, and (30%) Nicaraguan Limoncillo for its green apple bite. Although the blend is designed to have good body, the levels of acidity mean there is a risk of thinning out the shot. Warning, this is a challenging espresso, not for those faint of heart, though potentially massively rewarding at the same time.

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