Day Four Something a little rare

Day four and now it’s a time for something quite rare. This is a peaberry. Peaberry is where two beans grow together in the cherry instead of two single beans/seeds and are small pea like in appearance (hence the name). Peaberry accounts for around 5-10% of a crop, and with blue mountain at the premium it is, well you don’t see much or much that is good.

I do struggle in my own mind if we should sell blue mountain. You see it high price tag I don’t feel is justified. Its a good cup I enjoy it, but we have lots better for a fraction of the price. But my mantra is the best from the region and not always to my taste. Blue mountain is an experience coffee and if you haven’t tried it you should and with this and our other offering its the best of the region.

Take a look at it here or read about it below

We only sell 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain that can be verified and traced back to its source. We buy single estate Blue Mountain, but not just from any estate, otherwise it would be like going to the fishmongers and saying “I’d like some fish”, instead of stating exactly what fish. Not all Blue Mountain tastes the same, so we won’t sell you a blend of it, or something that is not this is 100% certified Blue Mountain.

The story of Blue Mountain for me is a sad one. It was once truly great coffee that got over produced and over hyped. Sadly, on the whole, it no longer lives up to its reputation. With most of the good stuff going to Japan (over 70% of all Blue Mountain grown does so) it’s tough, though fortunately, due partly I guess to old colonial links, and to the sole UK importer having some fine cupping skills, we are able to offer a Blue Mountain that still delivers a quality cup.

For me, it still remains a bit of an experience coffee. I don’t find it to be a high scorer on the cupping table, though that is because of its nature. The very reason it became so popular was that it was okay at everything. It has balance, smoothness, it’s not too acidic and not too bland. It is adequate at everything.

Rarely does something fetch a huge premium for being okay, but Blue Mountain does just that.

Peaberry is rare and only amounts to around 5-10% of a crop. A lot of the time, I’m not that impressed with peaberrys on the cupping table. They need a slightly different roast and a little more care. Peaberrys have too much of reputation that most of the time they don’t live up to, however, this one is an exception, it is great.

Everything about this Blue Mountain peaberry seems to shout more. More flavor, more sweetness, more spice and it is incredibly bold too. Perhaps it is a little less balanced than a normal Blue Mountain, but don’t let that put you off – this is really good coffee.

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  1. I got some blue mountain for myself a few years ago as a treat for my birthday. I remember thinking then, that it was quite nice, but whilst it cost four times as much, it was definitely not four times as nice as other gourmet coffees. I did wonder at the time what the fuss was about.

    Your review only makes me think I was right. Is there any particular reason it all goes to Japan?

  2. Japan are so brand orientated, the blue mountain brand means there reassured of its quality, its a cultural thing.

    And your right, its good, and this sample is one of the best I’ve tried, but its never four or five times better than Cacheoria or Machacamarca, never

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