Day Six the penultimate lap

Seems very fitting on the first weekend of the formula one season to use penultimate in the title, so I’m pleased I did 🙂

Day six is a new blend. This is kind of to replace the COE blend. When we removed that from the list we never replaced it as I couldn’t find something I thought fit the bill.

Its a tough act to follow with such fine coffees, but there are two of my all time top 5 coffees here so its got some good ingredients. Sweetness and acidity are two thing I love and this is the perfect balance of both.

One more to add then a bomb shell change on Monday that will excite, shock and even upset some people. But I think its progress, keep reading.

To but this coffee click here, or to read about it look below.

De Lujo was born as the result of some experiments for competition blends. These normally involve lots of coffee, lots of time on the cupping table, lots of time in front of the espresso machine, and most importantly, lots of tasting. There is something about this blend that excites me very much in espresso.

This blend contains 60% Bolivian Machacamarca, my favourite coffee of last year, which with its sweet chocolate and developed tones makes it a great base. Machacamarca also makes a very wonderful single origin espresso, though if it lacks anything it is a little acidity. So thinking about the very best coffee in our range for acidity, we have added my third favorite from last year, El Salvador La Ilusion, to the mix. This brings cleanness and brightness to the blend, along with a lovely winey characteristic.

This is some expensive blending, with two costly coffees. Combine two great coffees you hope to get an even greater blend, which is very much the case here. The coffees are each present in the blend for a reason, bringing very different attributes that compliment each other. They are both excellent individually, though together they amount to so much more than their component parts. Excellent espresso.

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  1. ‘a bomb shell change on Monday that will excite, shock and even upset some people. ‘

    What was this, then?

  2. Yes, had to delay it for a couple of reasons as its not ready, but hopefully will be this weekend, promise.

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