Bolivia COE2007 Day 1 Calibration


So the first real day of the competition. My early to bed and early to rise is quite a different approach to my previous visits to South America. I must admit I feel good for it and ready to cup. The morning I rise at 5 am and feel good. I check my emails I phone home and do all the things I want to which is great.

The first day of these things is a calibration. You talk about how to score what to do and then cup three tables of the same coffees. The first two the same order the last one mixed up. I hate calibration. this is not because I don’t need it quite the contrary I normally do its just frustrating I want to get into it. I guess its like any housekeeping thing. You don’t wan to do it but you have to. I just want to get cupping tomorrow, This takes us up to 3:30pm where we get 40 mins to do what we need to then were on another long bus journey to Coricio a small town near by (I find out Bolivian near by isnt quite the same as UK near by). Its a chance for us to stretch our legs and see the locals. But my interpretation of a local is a local pub so we find one and have a beer with the locals. A nice cold Cervesa (I hasten to add only the one) I think is well earned after the bus journey.

The evening we are taken to a local hotel for our evening meal, and introduced to the local dignitary’s, and presented with a certificate as esteemed guests. Quite a turn up as I’m normally just escorted from places. I feel really proud of my certificate and its very official like take a look here

We arrive back at 9pm and I fall straight into bed and fast asleep before any one can convince me the bar would be a good place to meet for a chat.

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