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So I’m here in Bolivia. After the longest flight ever (actually one of my shortest but 24 hours in an aeroplane or airport doesn’t excite me as much as it once did. The food in flight is not good, I lost my head phones to my iphone so no music all the way (and all of this week and the flight home), and I’ve since found out it has to be an iphone set to use with it as they have slightly changed them.

But enough moaning. The altitude has surprised me. I do feel quite short of breath but its really nice the air being so thin, like a fresh spring morning. La Paz is beautiful, one of the most stunning city’s I’ve ever seen. When we landed (there were 9 of us on the flight in from Miami we were taken to a hotel in la Paz for a few hours to shower and sleep. I chose to shower and then sit in front of the TV. Amazed to be able to watch the Arsenal vs Sunderland game live I like this country. I know the coffee is special here, but add into that mix there love of football and the wonderful people (spent much of the day seeing familiar faces, who are as pleased to see me as I am them) then it’s a great combination.

The hotel were at is in the Yungas around 2 and a half hours from La Paz and is really in the heart of coffee growing country. This means its in the middle of no where which is fine by me. Far away from the hustle and bussel, you can see from my photos ( that its very nice place. But I’m shot its 8pm and as soon as I’m done here I’m off to bed. Call it age, call it jet lag, I don’t care as long as I can go to sleep.

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  1. Wow! What a trip Steve! Look forward to the photos šŸ™‚

    Best wishes,


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