Arrived In Atlanta

Arrived in Atlanta today, didn’t get here until late, so not seen so much, but a real buzz around the city, and got to enjoy the bar and some coffees before we got kicked out.

Took a trip to Octane which is a cool coffee shop which I really enjoyed, but needed to grab some food so only one (very good) espresso, looking forward to going back again tomorrow.

Cant wait for tomorrow to begin. Just wish I’d got longer to grow the mandatory WBC facial hair

Why is Has Bean Green

This is in honour of Colin Harmon the Irish Barista Champion who is competing in Atlanta USA this weekend in the 10th World Barista Championships using Has Bean Coffee.

We are really proud to be working with Colin and wish him the very best.
You can watch Colin perform at the link below on Saturday 18th of April at 4:15pm UK time at the link below

Colin is using a single estate coffee, that you all know very well, the Bolivian Machacamarca and for this weekend you can try it for the very special price of £4.00 until the end of Sunday. Take a look at the link here

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  1. Steve — I hope I run into you here in Atlanta just to say hi!

  2. Fingers crossed for Colin…. and your beans!!

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