Another new coffee amazing in the cup.

Like buses you wait weeks for one then loads come along all at once. there are still more to come too. I want to try and incorporate all the new coffees in to the blog.

The cup of excellence coffee tend to arrive all at the same time from that six week auction period.

I remember cupping this one from the samples and was blown away at the quality, tropical fruit deliciousness, that is an amazing brewed coffee that I’ll be drinking as much as I can as we have a tiny amount of it.

To find out more read below to buy it click here

Nicaragua La Leona – Luis Beltrán Cornejo Barreda Cup of Excellence

This is a small farm based in the municipality of an Juan del Rio Coco, Madriz. At an altidue of 1200masl (meters above sea level) it produces Caturra on the 25 hectors of growing land (48 in total)

Luis said the following (in his own words)

“I have owned the farm for the last 25 years. I inherited from my father. I like the coffee production and since I was little, I have worked in the coffee cultivation. My grandfather as a producer and my father is a producer also. I inherited the joy of being a coffee grower. I continue with the tradition.

I have a water source from a virgin mountain and pay special attention to the picking process, just cutting the ripe beans, special care to the time of fermentation – just the time required – good cleaning and organization at the wet milling process. I do not store coffee.

I feel so happy and hope to continue to improve the production of my farm and also our standard of living.”

Well in the cup expect honey dew melon with tropical fruit notes, that makes this an awesome filter coffee. Is it for espresso? Not for me, but if you like bright acidity in your espresso drinks then it might be for you. The body is a little thin but that doesnt detract from the lovely clean deliciousness of the cup.

Farm: La Leona

Farmer: Luis Beltrán Cornejo Barreda

Rank: 15

City: Madriz

Region: San Juan del Rio Coco, Madriz

Country: Nicaragua

Farm Size: 48.00 Hectares

Coffee growing area: 25.00 Hectares

Altitude: 1200 masl

Certification: None

Variety: Caturra

Processing System: Washed and sun dried

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