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People, may I have your attention. YOUR COFFEE ROASTER NEEDS YOU! I’ll explain some more.

Some kind soul has put us forward for local hero of the year from UKTV’s UK Food channel. Now were not much for awards, yes there nice but this one really wet my appetite. It’s an award for people doing good things with food. For me the most interesting part is to try and get coffee thought about as a culinary item, and inform people it doesn’t have to taste nasty and bitter or drowned in milk but can taste and be a perfect accompaniment for great food.

So if you’ve been impressed with what we do there are two steps for you to follow. I’m happy if you just do number 1 but number two would be great as well. We will be so grateful if you take the time to do it.

Step 1

Go to the link here and click the vote now button. You will have to register, but this is a seriously big company and I can’t imagine they will be spammers. Vote and let us tell the world of how good speciality coffee.

Step 2

Leave a review. Tell everyone what you like about us, and why. Tell anything you like but the more of these we have the more chance we have of going through to the heats.

Step 3

Get all of your friend’s colleagues relative’s family members to vote too. We need your votes. Tell the world to vote for us………..please

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