Syphon / Vac Pot Brew guide

Its that time again, time for another brew guide.

And time for one thats very close to my heart. I have always loved syphons, since a child I love the magic of the water rising and mixing with the coffee, the science of vacuum and how the water is unable to boil when mixing with the coffee, and the spectacle of brewing this way.

But its tough, tough to get right and tough to know how best to use it. Now this is MY method, and MY method may be different to yours, thats why its MY method. I do brew in the top for slightly longer than most, but its also worth noting I probably grind a little courser than most.

People ask me HOW DO YOU BREW and this is it. No method is perfect, but I hope you enjoy whats perfect to me.

Syphon PDF

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  1. Think I might have just decided on this year’s birthday present!

  2. I used to play by the book with my Bodum Santos, but this technique… wow. OK, I’m heating water on gas stovetop, which is not slow at all. However, I let bubbles stir the coffee (which was a huge mistake).

    My vac pot never let me down, but your method made it much better. Thank you 🙂

  3. Glad you found it useful !

  4. Thanks for the post. After reading this post. I didn’t understood this vac pot. I want to about this.

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