Refractometers – Best Price Ever!

Sorry folks – this deal is done. 🙁

For the next few weeks, VST Lab III Refractometers will be available at their lowest ever price £600 inc VAT.

This is not a Black Friday sale, but is a refraction (see what I did) of both our and VST’s seasonal goodwill! We have a limited amount of units we can offer at this price, and once they’re gone they’re gone but for a little while control over your coffee quality is one step closer at the best price we’ve ever offered

The VST Lab III refractometer is the only refractometer designed to deliver readings relevant to brewed and espresso coffee preparation with the required tolerances for effective application. The Lab III automatically averages multiple measurements and displays the resulting % TDS with +/- 0.01% precision , and unrivalled accuracy (+/- 0.03% in coffee range, +/- 0.05% in espresso range). The unit ships with pipettes, 50 syringe filters, 5 syringes and a soft case. Final Quality Assurance Certificate with NIST Traceable Reference Standards Measurements Included.

Awesome hard cases are also available if you’re buying this as a gift, brew coffee on the road or just  prefer to indulge in extensive pre-measurement unboxing rituals.

Business purchase requiring a VAT invoice – mail us at and we’ll sort this for you.image2

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  1. Hi, I have been looking at the VST Lab III for a while now but I have a question I hoped you could answer. What is the difference between the VST Lab III and a standard Digital Refractometer?


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