No Machacamarca this year :(

So keeping to my promise so far, day 1 of my keeping a travel-type diary alive

This time it’s an audioboo. I’m not sure why I’m attracted to audioboo with an accent like this, but it’s so much easier than typing (wuth mu bad spellun).

This is a sad story, and one where I need your help. Maybe not until I get back as I think my inbox may explode, and there will be another blog post about it once I am back, with the details of what to do and when.

But I hope you find it interesting. One day it will be made into a film.

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  1. Sad for everone involved. I hope it gets sorted.
    It really is a special coffee. It’s only when you deal directly that these things become visible.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip, find something else worthy!

  2. Chris Woodford 29 July, 2012 at 7:57 am

    Ah Steve, that is a very sad story. Yes, bad news for Bolivian coffee lovers – but at least we haven’t lost our farms, homes, and livelihoods. It’s helpful to hear the “back story” and the real, human cost of things we happily take for granted. I know you must be gutted by this but, on the positive side, what a great job you’ve done supporting the community. Bring on the letters. I’m sure everyone will help. Have a great trip

  3. What a horrific story, you couldn’t have made this one up and very much like a film as you said. Of course we only get to know this sort of thing happens with you having such a direct link with the farms which can only be a good thing to highlight the plight of the good honest people working in coffee. Of all the coffees it had to happen to! Such a shame but so worth fighting to get it back.

  4. Absolutely crazy!

    Letter written, awaiting further instructions 🙂

  5. Is there any news in this sorry tale? Will us coffee lovers ever get to taste Machacamarca again?

  6. Nothing yet Mark , we keep everything crossed

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