You always know the cold weather and christmas is around the corner when the Brazils start rolling in . We saw the Inglaterra arrive a couple of weeks ago, and this was in the same lot.

The reason its taken a little longer to get on the site, is we wanted to get it right, and I think we now have.

This is a quaffing coffee, one to enjoy any time of day, and not one to think about too much,. its sweet, its balanced its delicious thats it. Its also great value at £4.50.

You can buy it here or read about it below


The Carvalho Dias and Ottoni families have been growing coffee in Brazil since 1890 and are something of an institution in Minas Gerais coffee circles. The fourth generation of Carvalho Dias and Ottoni coffee growers are continuing the family tradition on several farms dotted around the region’s prime coffee growing areas, including Fazenda Rodomunho.

The estate is located in the Alto Paranaíba, the highest part of Minas Gerais’ Cerrado region, at some 900-1,050 metres above sea level. It extends over 450 hectares, of which 316 hectares are planted with some 1.3 million coffee trees of Mundo Novo, Catuaí, Acaiá and Icatú varietals.

This lot was processed using the Brazilian pulped natural method. After being picked, the ripe cherries are pulped on the same day at the farm’s wet mill; the beans are then moved immediately to dry on the farm’s patios without any fermentation or soaking. This means that, unlike a fully washed coffee, the sticky outer mucilage is still attached to the beans during drying, typically producing a fruitier cup.

Good environmental practice is a priority for Rodomunho, and the area under coffee is interspersed with native forest reserves to maintain a good ecological balance and provide habitat for local birds and animals. Solid wastes from processing are recycled as organic fertilizer, while the use of either the natural or pulped natural process keeps water usage to a minimum. What water that is used is recycled and fully treated to avoid polluting local water courses.

The farm also prioritises good conditions for its workforce, offering: fair wages (well above the average for the sector in Brazil); housing with modern services and utilities; a school; a health clinic; and sports facilities. The farm describes itself as a true ‘agrovillage’.

Rodomunho has won several awards and the family’s coffees are regular Cup of Excellence finalists.

In the cup this displays all the things I love about Brazilian pulped naturals. Sweet, milk chocolate, nutty edge with a super big smooth body thats perfectly balanced. Don’t expect any acidity with this one, but do expect a huge smooth rounded mouthfeel

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