My Probat Arrives

My New Probat l 25

It’s arrived. Yesterday Has Bean is pleased to announce the birth of a new big boy from Probat. With a dual German/ UK passport its settling in well. As yet no name, but I’m working on it.

How do you move over 1 tonne of cast iron from A to B and then off its crate and into place. Well I can now tell you with great difficulty. ITS HUGE, and I mean massive. Its all very exciting and all those coming to the open day next Saturday will get to see it (I don’t think it will have its flue’s by then so we wont be able to sue it but you’ll be able to take a look at its hugeness).

Like any proud farther I’ve taken some pictures for you to take a look at here, but excuse my disheveled and dirty appearance, unpacking and locating a roaster is not a clean or easy job.

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  1. Espressomattic 21 July, 2007 at 6:50 pm

    She’s a beauty Steve…tell me did the fly come as standard or did you have to pay extra??? 😉

  2. That was bizarre, he was a freebie from Germany, dead as a dodo just sitting there 🙂

  3. Congratulations mate. I’m glad mother and baby are well 🙂

  4. Oooh la laaa. Need a ladder to load that one 🙂 Can’t wait to see it 😀

    Congrats on finally landing a Probie 🙂 And a name… hmmm sounds like a perfect excuse for a ‘competition’ 😉

  5. very beautiful,the machine that is,
    i second the idea of a competition

  6. Congratulations! It really looks good! It looks like the fly got coated with the silver paint when they painted the cooling well… What are you going to roast to burn away the grease? Not the CoE from Honduras I hope!


  7. Marcy, Thebreeze you cant leave naming your children to a competition. 🙂

    Olings haven’t thought about it yet, so much to do with Chimney stacks gas connections and electrical connections (most of the work is already done need to get the people back on site). I’m hoping the chimneys done next Sunday, the electrics Tuesday now the gas people are a little harder to track down but all they need to do is attach the flexi hose.

    Rest assured I’ll be bloging the first roast (may even youtube it) 🙂

  8. Steve the Probator 🙂

  9. Ahhh well, at least I tried. So which footballer will it be this time? :p

    BTW, I was so expecting to see pics of a red roaster… dunno why :p Actually even after I saw the pics, I was still thinking it was a red roaster :s Just as well you’re coming up with your own name… my suggestion would’ve worked better with a red roaster anyway 😎

  10. Probat offer Blue or Black, so Black it had to black

    No roasters named after footballers Marcy, we have Betsy (the little 2kg), we have Amy the 5kg Bertha the 15kg. The Probat is a boy this time, so I’m thinking of a German name that isn’t xenophobic but is very typically German (I was warming to Helmut after Helmut Kohl or Jorgen after Jorgen Klinsman but that is a footballer name).

    But any suggestions I’ll listen too.

  11. Weird… I got your response in my email this time & replied via email as well 🙂

    Hey you were the one talking about naming your children… not just a roaster :p

  12. I still think you should call him Berndt 😉

  13. ……. after Berndt Shuster, of course 🙂

  14. …. after the footballer Berndt Schuster, of course 🙂

  15. Hey ho… I don’t want any Berndt beans :p But if Steve goes for it, then I think Cakey should get the 1st seasoning batch of roast 😉

  16. Thats Jürgen, not Jorgen Steve. I really like the idea of Bernd, but not from Berndt Schuster, but from Bernd, das Brot. See

  17. Günter

  18. Congrats! Looks both like you and the Germans who assembled it.

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