Its been a while since I last posted, kind of post.

I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog a little of late, and I’m determined to keep going with it all as I enjoy posting so much. Its a really cool way of keeping in touch with you all, kind of like the pub where I hang out with my friends, but I’ve widened my socializing places and I guess that was always going to slightly dilute how often I post. But not wanting to lose touch with my true friends, here’s what I’ve been up to.

Coffee 101

Over nearly 800 people in just 6 weeks of being live which is amazing. Lots of really nice feedback too, stuff people enjoyed

In My Mug

This is the block buster, I’m so shocked at how well this has gone down. Since being launched on itunes, in under two weeks it has had over 700 downloads, and from vimeo over 1400 views (and I’m fairly sure this only counts views all the way through not abandoned views). Speechless amazing, truly amazing. Number 2 in the itunes videocast charts for a day was very cool. I keep yo yoing, so if you haven’t subscribed in itunes click the link here PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE :). Nice to see it as one of the four new and notable suggestions in the video cast food section.

I cant tell you how much I love doing these, and your feedback has been constructive and very very kind, I do hope they get better over the next few weeks.


Been doing a lot of twittering rapidly approaching 500 posts. It’s become the best way of keeping in touch with me, as I have it on while roasting. If your not using twitter you really should, I’ve made some cool friends there. My one is here


We took over a company run by our good friend Paul under two weeks ago. This has been a lot of work meeting new customers, and getting used to a set of new stock and processes. It’s really an extension to what we do focusing on the trade side of the business and exciting challenge.

Christmas Planning

Trying to come up with some new ideas for the festive season, which will be going live in the December newsletter, very excited. So anything you guys can think of and I can steal as my own ideas fire away.

New Roaster

I’m off to Germany next Friday to pick up our new 12kg beast. Not the best time to be converting huge amounts of money into euros while the pound hits new lows in the currency market, but it will be good to have a 12kg machine back. Unfortunately the insurance paid in pounds so I’ve had to find the difference in the exchange rate which hurts.

I’m taking my camera and video camera so I hope to get lots to blog about. Also I’ll be twittering during the trip so sign up now at the link here.

Tales of the Drip Tray Common Grinds Podcast

As I blogged about last weekend I had a second guest appearance on Chris Weavers podcast, (not bad when there have only been three). Chris is a really passionate young barista and its been good to see him get the podcast going. It was also great fun spending the day with him, he was so keen to learn more. Now all I need to teach him is how to press record on the laptop before we spend an hour chatting 🙂

Take a listen at them here for episode one and here for episode three.

Another toy I’m playing with I’m not so comfortable with it yet, but I’m sure it will come. My profile is at the link here, any one else on there? I think its in Alphas invite only so if you will post and want an invite I think I am allowed to give one out, let me know.


Been looking at lots of other programs on ustream and I have a few ideas how we will be using it, probably launch something very soon, but keen not to over stretch myself too much. Any one has any ideas you know where I am.

I also got a year older on the 31st of October, which now means I am very very old, I think my body is telling me to retire from my Sunday league football, but my heart is still trying to overrule it.

But I’m thinking I may be doing a bit less now and using that time to focus on the blog and in my mug and twitter and …….. you get the idea.

Sorry for rambling, but there has been so much I’ve wanted to blog about but haven’t. I will try harder.

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  1. Halloween Child eh Steve…always thought you were a bit of a Gremlin 😛 Happy Birthday Bro!

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  3. Told you that we would make you famous all over the world. Now your finely roasted coffee is seen in Japan and Australia.

    Belated Happy Birthday, I will get you a pumpkin next year.

    Take Care

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