Its a Boy !!!!

OK sorry for the lack of updates here (seem to be saying that a lot). There has been a lot going on this week, busy roasting week, some other stuff going on in the background of which I’ll tell you more at a later date, and this.

We would like to announce the birth of a boy to the Has Bean family. Blessed with three daughters (Amy, Betsy and Bertha) we now have a boy. Yet to be named its birth weight is over half a ton, and over 7 ft tall!

OK ok Amy, Betsy and Bertha are my roasters and we finally placed the order for a 25kg probat roaster this week. The final decision came down to having support for maintenance for the machine in the UK. For so long with the 2kg and the 5 kg a and the 15kg I have had to do any works to keep it going. With the smaller roaster its easy the mid one a little more but still do able, the larger roaster I’ve found it’s a bit too much and I could do with someone to call on for the harder work. The thought of maintaining a 25kg didn’t fill me with excitement. Also Probat the name comes with a great deal of history, and when I’ve used them in the past been impressed with the quality and the “feel”.

So now we have to wait for it to be built, which takes around 6 to 8 weeks and delivery from Germany (which I hope is quicker). Of course we will be saying something here, as I’m very exited about it all.

Probat L25

In other news I’m going to the SCAA conference in Long Beach USA. It’s a chance to see what’s new in the industry, and also catch up with some friends out there. Also a chance to go and see the US barista championships, of which I’m very exited about. As always blogs and photos while I’m there, now where did I leave those sunglasses.

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  1. Congratulations guys …… if he is coming from Germany, perhaps you should have a name to match? In honour of your San Roberto exploits, maybe you could called the new lad, ‘Bernd’! 😉

  2. say hey at the 49th booth. i’ll be there.

  3. And what a handsome boy he is!

  4. Hey Barrett I’ll be sure to drop by, and Skippy thank you, I thought so 🙂

    And Mark I like the idea 🙂

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