Flash Back Friday 2 back to 2007


Part two of flashback friday, looking back at amazing things that have happened in the world of Has Bean. This week we take a look 2007 and the time my new roaster arrived (my probat L25) it was an exciting time then and its exciting to me now. so please enjoy.

It’s arrived. Yesterday Has Bean is pleased to announce the birth of a new big boy from Probat. With a dual German/ UK passport its settling in well. As yet no name, but I’m working on it.

How do you move over 1 tonne of cast iron from A to B and then off its crate and into place. Well I can now tell you with great difficulty. ITS HUGE, and I mean massive. Its all very exciting and all those coming to the open day next Saturday will get to see it (I don’t think it will have its flue’s by then so we wont be able to sue it but you’ll be able to take a look at its hugeness).

Like any proud farther I’ve taken some pictures for you to take a look at here, but excuse my disheveled and dirty appearance, unpacking and locating a roaster is not a clean or easy job.

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