Dublin Pt 1

Ok as promised updates from the European Team Coffee Challenge in Dublin. As you can see I’m posting so the journey was a safe one. I found out yesterday the event doesn’t begin until tomorrow, so my 5:30am alarm call wasn’t really necessary. But getting here early did give me a chance to explore Dublin a little.

The hotel is an age away from town, and being clever I thought I’d walk to the city centre, wont be doing that again. There were a few site I wanted to go and see, Temple Row district is meant to be the heart and soul on the evening, and I was pleased to see it was in the day too. A light bite in a sandwich bat there recharged the batterys.

Bewleys Grafton Street Shop

But the main place I wanted to visit was Bewleys in Grafton Street. This is a big old place steeped in history. Unfortunately there had been an incident!? That meant sitting in wasn’t possible. But that’s ok as they were doing take outs and there in store roaster is at the front of the store, as was there roaster person and where you can buy whole bean.

A bag of Bewleys Colombia La Florida

The espresso was ok, a bit to dark for my tastes or to pick out any nuances but pleasant and just the caffeine hit I needed after 3 hours sleep. I went back before coming back to the hotel for one more and a change of Barista meant it wasn’t as good. I tried to talk to them but the lady wasn’t interested. The espresso machine was also tucked around the corner which was disappointing. I like to see the shot being pulled but that’s just me.

The roasting area was cool. A 5 kg Probat roaster in full view. I smelt the place before I could see it and I’m amazed they don’t get problems from the local area, but IU though it was great to see. The roaster person was VERY good willing to chat and used some great descriptors to describe the coffees. It’s a shame the baristas went as helpful this guy was good, I wish I’d got a name.

I’ve bought the aeropress with me so I had to buy some. I decided on Colombia Idelver Gironza Gomez from the 2005 cup of excellence second harvest. I don’t remember this one from the samples I had but I do remember there being some great coffee in there. First thing that hits you is the aroma, a very rich potent smell and obviously very fresh. I was told it was roasted this morning and everything points to that being true. A very balanced cup that starts of quite delicate and the taste builds in the mouth. Theres some hint of spice but sweet spice and a liquorice in the aftertaste. A very fine coffee indeed.

While chatting to the roaster guy (no getting his name is starting to annoy me now), he gave me a program of what happening tomorrow. We have a Green Bean Lecture, a Roasting lecture, an espresso machine workshop and a filter brewing workshop. Sounds like a full day but one that’s got me interested.
Oh yes and never missing a chance for a new football shirt I now own a Republic of Ireland shirt, just for Niall Quinn and Roy Keane 🙂

Will try and keep you updated with a part two.

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  1. For those who don’t understand the comment, me and Aaron often chat football, and England are playing today, or at least that’s what I think perhaps he’s behind the UK team in the competition 🙂

    To show you how much Im suffering here in Dublin, I was offered three tickets for the England game, but coffee came first 🙂

  2. you missed nowt at the footy mate – money wouldve been wasted!

  3. heh! i rarely understand my own comments, steve. thanks for sorting me out.

  4. his name is David, and he is Swedish. We told him you spoke highly of him. He was glad.

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