Day 4 Road trip from El Salvador to Nicaragua via Honduras

Does this sound a long way? Well it should over 8 hours in the back of a mini bus driven by the craziest man in and outside of Nicaragua. I’m lucky I’m alive to still blog as a number of times I made my peace just in case. Note to self dont sleep when you have a crazy driver as emergency stops can seriously damage your head.

The drive is really interesting if not long and dangerous too. To see the world through a bus window makes you realize how big the world really is.

So we set off at 7am and arrive around 4pm local time to Nicaragua and its some food and straight back onto the bus to visit a famous local mill. This mill helped present six of the top ten and is very successful. The set up there is very professional and an amazing cupping room

We got to cup some of the coffees and they were very good and vary varried.

As always lots of photos to come but the internet connection is a little slow to get them all online so I’m going to have to wait until I get to one of the plush hotels.


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  1. It’s been wonderful to read each days entries and see even that through illness your enthusiasm still shines through…A real trooper and a true proffessional at all times.

  2. Nice to follow the exploits my old friend 🙂

    you actuall look quite relaxed and dare i say it, “youthfull”in that picture… maybe encounters with mini bus based mortality have profound effects upon a mans soul.

    great reading

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