It’s the small things in life

I’ve become a little obsessive about this, but I have the up most respect for our service men and women out there trying to bring peace and stability to places that haven’t had either of those things for a long while. It’s a tough job, and when you’re doing a tough job, the little things can mean a lot.

We have a long standing customer who is out in the middle east on a tour of duty, who we exchange some emails when he is placing his order. I love to do this with everyone but this guys a bit special. Today he has sent us a picture that I think is awesome and made me laugh out loud.
It’s kind of got me thinking. I customers to send in some photos of them drinking coffee (with the has bean bag somewhere in the picture). The best one will get a £30 gift voucher to spend in the online shop.

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  1. ..could it be possible to see the photo a bit larger???

  2. Great photo. I wonder if his chopper has a cigarette lighter? He could power a vac-pot! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the support guys. No cigarette lighter, or cup holder sadly. However, I think I would need some convincing to change my trusty Canadian press for anything else…

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