Wine Thoughts pt2

Continuing from my post about the wine model and coffee I have some more
A good friend of mine who works for our favourite importers, Grant sent me a power point file of a presentation he did on wine and coffee and the links and separators. I asked him if he minded if I shared, and the good guy he is he said yes. You can go and see it at the link below but I’ve also done a summary

•Bottled wine is ready-to-consume – requires no additional preparation
•Coffee has potential for error in preparation (extraction, freshness)
•Packaged coffee deteriorates with age
•Historical image of coffee as cheap, easily available, everyday
•Wine is alcoholic and associated with good times!
•Wine grown by professionals, not subsistence farmers

•Growing location – exotic, tropical, emotive
•Estate production – clear provenance and denomination of estates, appellation
•Varietal recognition and variation
•Sommelier/Barista expertise
•Award winners – COE and similar
•Affordable luxury

I like it, I think its give a different view. Also a good posting across on Jim Sever at the link here, which I think, also makes some good points against. Using the model.

It’s a little more complex than I originally thought (as always) but its really made me think, and I’ve loved the emails you guys have sent.