Brazil is the topic today. Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira Bourbon 2008-2009 Crop is going to run out very soon. more of this current crop arrives in January but if you want some now dive in, I reckon Monday next week its gone. jump in click

Brazil Inglaterra Special Fazenda Toca da Onca Canario 2008-2009 Crop

I wanted to share this photo from Stephen who owns Inglaterra too, how good does this look!! Still a little left but also nearly gone

This is at the link click

My coffee new years resolutions

So at this time of year, its traditional to make some resolutions. So I’ve done some coffee ones as a little bit of fun.

1. I will blog more, feel like I’ve fell of the blogging horse of late, and I will get back on and ride. Expect lots of posts in 2009 (or at least an attempt to post more).

2. 12 second TV I am going to try and embrace 12 second TV, but you got to follow me to make me

3. Do more newsletters. On the new cart we have a wonderful built in newsletter option, so I will try and do 12 next year, one for each month.

4. Keep in my mug growing and getting better,its been a great time with this project, I love it so much and its been good feedback some exciting ideas for 2009

5. Keep searching and cupping more coffees and more exclusives for 2009 for Has Bean.