I’ve had the site for a while now, its the engine for all the cupping notes for Has Bean.

But it was meant to be much more than just that, it was going to be a place for articles and reference. So I’ve spent some time recently tidying it up, and making it all neat, but now I want to start posting something. So what would you like to see, what would you like an article written on? Please don’t expect to post and me to get something up there, but it will go onto a list of projects for the future.

I’ve also added a section to the header of this very blog that’s says articles, and I want to link to them from here. I’ve put up a few old ones I did, but I’d really like some new content.

Anything else you think would be good please email me or post a reply and I’ll see what I can do.

thanks for the great comments (emails and blog replies) about the new template here on the site, it’s all been very constructive, if not leaving me with a few design problems 🙂

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  1. Your link is messed up, but I made it to the site. Having all past and present cupping reviews in one place is a great tool (it’d be good if the list of origins was in alphabetical order). The search tool is a fantastic idea, but I played around with it and didn’t get any results, even with minimal search terms (bright, sweet, good brewed).
    Still, a page I will return to often. Nice work!

  2. As a home roaster there is one question you keep asking yourself – How do I roast this coffee to get the optimal taste? Of course “optimal taste” is subjective but you get so disappointed when you’ve bought a coffee that you’ve heard is great but you just can’t roast it right.

    So, it would be great if you, on the same page as your cupping notes, could give a few tips on how to roast that particular coffee. For example it could be something like: “Start with a high temperature, but turn the heat down when the beans start turning yellow and go slowly into 1st crack”. Just an example but it would really help a lot and would definitely add value to your customers.

    By the way, thanks for some great coffees!

    / Emil

  3. Thanks Julie, the links now fixed (I’m a silly web monkey)

    Alphabetical Order I’ll take a look at that a good point. The search thing is being changed, just waiting for my web guy to change it (I don’t want o break the database.


    I like the idea but its something we have stayed away from because not everyone has control of the roast temperature. But as I’m adding new beans I will try and but some more pointers for home roasting.

  4. Some articles explaining the washing and fermenting of beans and general processes. It is something I haven’t bothered to look into and would like to learn how each process can effect the cup?

    BTW, the info page is and has been (Excuse the pun)a great resource for my home roasting exploits, as I have been reading up on beans and the taste I should aim for…thanks for all of this Steve.

  5. I would love some “if you like this coffee why not try….” I am working my way through the different coffees, and finding some I love and some I really dislike, but I would love a bit more help. Cupping notes help, and I read reviews, but its all so subjective. I would love to be pointed in the right direction by some comparisons.

  6. Julie if you give that coffee search another go it should come up with better results. Before it was an and statement now its an or, so should be more useful.


    I like the article idea it would be interesting one to write so its on the list.


    An interesting one, the site shows people who bought this coffee also bought this but its not really a recommendation. Let me have a think how it could be implemented.

    Thanks also to the people who have mailed me with great topics for articles, time to get to work for me 🙂

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