World Cup

World Cup

So the world cup is upon us, and for those who know me my two passions in life are coffee and football. So I look for links into this so here is the mini Has Bean League.

My top 5 coffee teams

1. England

Produces some of the finest coffee roasters  And the place I drink the most coffee  Well I’m sorry but there my number one team

2 Costa Rica

Home of Paulo Wanchope and of Tarrazu “the coffee not the number 9). Great little team who I hope will do well in the competition. Come of the Tico’s

3 Brazil

Well this is for Gabriel at Fazenda Cachoeira more than anything. I’m hoping for a Brazil England Final so I can bet his plantation on England to win 

4 Australia

This ones for Andrew Ford owner of MountainTop. We know we are better than them at Rugby and Cricket but they know we are better than them at football.

5 Mexico

Haven’t produced a real kicking coffee or a kicking football team for a few years, but lets hope this year we will see both.

6 Ecuador

Producers of unique small lots, and off to a great start yesterday in the competition. Like their coffee one to watch.

7 Ivory Coast

I know as much about their team as I do their coffee. I’ve seen it I’ve sampled it, but no depth of knowledge. But I’ll be shouting them on in there quest against Argentina today.

8 Italy

Ok Not a coffee producer but producer of fine espresso machines. Like their machines there flashy, big powerful, but useless without the coffee, close but no cigar for these guys I think.

My not so good teams.

1 French

For crimes against coffee, some of the worst coffee I have ever drunk is French, lovely people but no real quality coffee culture. Thiery Henry is the one shining light in this team.

2. Argentina

So close to being a coffee producing country but instead produced lots of Corned Beef. And don’t get me started on the hand of god from Maradona I’m a bitter man  Not as good as in recent competitions quarter final falls I think.

3 . Switzerland

I want to like these guys but Nescafe, nuff said

4 Germany

The hosts, and go into this tournament not fancied by many. Defensively kind of weak, but are the dark horses to watch. Why not in the not so good teams, we Italia 90 they knocked England out. But we do have to thank them for the 66 final where we beat them in extra time for England’s only ever world cup win. They are only in my bad league by the skin of their teeth, but we work closely with some German guys and it’s just not worth the phone calls afterwards.

So enjoy the competition.

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