When you wish upon a star!

Ok maybe not a star but you can wish on the website now. We have added a wishlist to the cart, that you can then mail to a friend. No more boring socks for Christmas, no more jumpers for birthdays, tell um what you would like not what they want to get.

The whole thinking behind this is, if like me your family know you like coffee, although they put a lot of thought into present chooseing, I really don’t need any more french presses or any pre ground gift sets from the supermarket.

A big thank you to our webmaster who broke his back to get this out in time for it to be useful for Christmas. Don’t forget to log in before or after adding as it wont be saved to your personal wish list.

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  1. Great news Steve, I’ve been waiting for that…

    I hope I won’t end up adding all the items from your shop to the wish list… 🙂

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