What is In My Mug

Just before Christmas I was having a conversation with a customer, and some how we came around to talk about in my mug. I was about a minute in and he looked a bit puzzled. So I slowed down and gave him chance to get a word in (which is rare) and he asked “what is in my mug?”

I thought everyone knew what it was, what it was about, but this shocked me that someone did not. So I’ve had this idea for a blog post ever since.

It also ties quite nicely with this weeks in my mug which has had a bit of a revamp, a little tinker with the format. I’ve moved some things dropped some things, and the feedback has been good (but happy to hear anything you do and don’t like)

So what is in my mug? This was part of the problem I guess I forgot, but its about us sitting down together and tasting some coffee together, and for me us learning something together. So on a Saturday night before I do in my mug, I’ll read up on the coffee I am going to be doing, I might have a read up about the country for a snippet about that, and I’ll taste the coffee to remind myself (its tough under the pressure of recording). Its a real focus on the coffee and makes me get better at my job.

You can watch it here or you can subscribe via itunes here, you can download an app for the iphone and ipad or ipod touch here.

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