Well Done Ireland Stephen and the team

For those who haven’t heard the world barista championships have been going on the past few days, and its great to see my friend winning. Stephen Morrissey now of square mile in London takes on the title from his friend and college James Hoffmann and I’m sure James will be the first to be pleased to see it go to such a great guy. I’ve know Stephen for a couple of years now via email and seeing each other at shows, and being an vid reader of his blog . He’s a talented guy (doh of course) but also a nice person with it.

Its a good time to be in the UK coffee scene with these people around. Well done Stephen and the sq mile team.

EDIT: How awful of me to forget to post about the fantastic result of Hugo Hercod finishing 10th with an amazing score of 672.5 a phenomenal score for his first time competing, well done that man. Well done HUGO

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