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About 18 months ago I decided that I wanted to re-invent our blends. One of my first ideas was to revamp our filter blend offerings – but I didn’t go for it straight away.

Why? Well, I think filter blends can be cool, and they can be fun, but they get a bad rep. This scared me off, and did so until we were at the end of our new blends. Even since then it’s caused me some sleepless nights.

So why use a filter blend? The same can be asked of “why make an espresso blend?” We have espresso blends in order to add a more rounded / complex experience to the espresso, and some people will have you believe that you HAVE to blend for great espresso. This is something I have disagreed with for years; single estate espresso can be amazing, but I’ve always said that blends also have their place.

These same people who don’t like single origin espresso are the same people who will argue that filter needs to be single estate, and that filter blends have no place.

Well, everything in coffee has its place and this is our attempt to make an amazing blend that will be complex and challenging in a brewed coffee, but retain integrity in the cup. For me a great filter blend should be sweet, fruity, smooth, and balanced.

So we took some of our favourite filter treats and put them together in this challenging blend. I think it really works and I hope you do too.

50% Colombian Oporapa
30% El Salvador La Ilusion Bourbon
20% Brazil Sau Judas

Like all our blend names there’s a great personal link in here too, this time for me and my wife, and if you watch this week’s In My Mug I’ll be sure to tell you.

You can buy it here

Some rather cool wallpapers here

As always on these things now we have a great video to launch it, I hope you enjoy.

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  1. Hey Steve,
    There is most certainly a place for blends in all forms of Coffee.
    And let’s face it anything with la llusion in it can’t be bad, I’m look forward to giving it a try. Cona on stand by 😉


    It’s all about the Coffee.

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