Weirdest place’s to send stuff

We get some really wacky orders sometimes. Our coffee has been drunk all over the world is some of the most beautiful countries to some of the most hostile. Has Bean has a clutch of regular service men and women who order roasted coffee to be sent to conflict area’s.

Our most recent order was for an Hearthware I roast to be sent to an American service man who wanted to roast coffee on 220-240v out there. We were happy to help out, but this is real dedication to coffee roasting.

What ever your thoughts on the current conflicts (and a coffee web blog is not the place to discuss the merits of this), I’m very proud of the people who go out to these countries under the orders of their country to defend and do their best putting life on the line. I’m immensely proud that the coffee might make life a little more bearable for these folks and remind them of some of the finer things back home.

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  1. Whilst my fellow officers and I might not be on the battle field front line, be assured Steve that you keep us going on the Thin Blue Line. It is truly frighening to know that someone is zipping around fully loaded on HB’s finest!! 😉

    Seriously, full respect to those who serve and go and when ordered to do so, politics aside, you deserve our gratitude for your bravery.

  2. Thanks for sharing that. That’s wonderful and fun info to share.

    Of course it begs the question, if some troops in conflict zones are ordering roasting equipment, there are probably 10x more ordering equipment for homemade stills…

    I know being under fire for months at a time, I’d probably be in the latter camp.

  3. c’mon, steve. share with us your political insights on your coffee blog! 🙂

    hey, have you ever thought about making like a bulk donation to service men out in the trenches? in my ‘former coffee job’ we would sometimes collect the free pounds baristas got every week and ship them overseas to servicemen. it was a good feeling.

  4. I’ll leave the political comments to white one 🙂

    Something I’d like to do for sure is send coffee to the good folks looking after us in far of nasty places, just not sure how I would do it. Something to think about.

  5. well, let’s talk and see if we can figure out how to do something good. rock.

  6. […] I’ve become a little obsessive about this, but I have the up most respect for our service men and women out there trying to bring peace and stability to places that haven’t had either of those things for a long while. It’s a tough job, and when you’re doing a tough job, the little things can mean a lot. […]

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