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  1. So four minutes seems unusually long for siphon in my experience. Why the long steep time? And, just as important, which pot is that? It’s very nice and a bit more mod looking than the hario or yamas.

  2. It’s the time I’ve always used, it seems to work ok for me. Its a Hario pot, that I’ve really grown to like.

  3. With regards to steep time, there are other considerations to be taken in to account as well such as grind size and dose. Only once you have decided on these can you really start to play with steep times. So for some 3 minutes is fine others 3.30, its all a matter of what tastes best for you and after all Im sure anyone thats reading this will agree taste is the overriding factor.

    Anyhows, nice video.

  4. Bang on Gary, the steep was for three mins really when I started to drop, and it completed on four mins.

    But your right it comes down to taste. As I say in episode 29 of in my mug, its what works for me. I may do some experimenting with times and grind over the weekend.

  5. Might wanna tighten the screw holding the bottom bulb 😉

  6. On a completely non-steep-time related note, nice choice for the soundtrack. Stripes rock!

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