Watch out Bolivia here I Come

Well this year keeps on getting better and better. I’ve just booked my flights this week for the Bolivia cup of excellence competition in October. I have to keep pinching myself to check I’m not dreaming, its been such a great year for me starting in Guatamala on my trip around some of the farms we buy from. Then getting voted onto the board of directors of the Alliance of coffee excellence, and going to Long Beach for the first meeting, some great coffees and some great auctions so far this year, getting to play at the Stadium of Light was incredibly special and now I get to go back to the Country that most affected me on my trips.

My last trip in 2005 to Bolivia I was excited, I mean really excited, but before that I hadn’t really found a Stella Bolivian coffee. Sure some good examples but no show stoppers. But when I was there, it really opened my eyes, You see I got to meet the people I got to see lots of the country and I loved it all around, much to my surprise. But the cupping table (the most important part) was amazing, some great coffees, and one that we were able to secure the Santa fe’ was a great all round coffee that had this real thick syrupy mouth feel going on that was very popular.

Last year the competition encountered some problems with funding, and with organization of the competition, and had to be cancelled. But with a lot of work in the back ground  this years competition is going on around 90km outside of La Paz in Corocico. You lucky (or Unlucky perhaps) will get lots of updates while I am out there, lots of photos and the story’s as they unfold, live blogging from Bolivia (or as live as I can get if I find a web connection).

I’ve uploaded my photos of the last trip to Santa Cruise in 2005 at this link here just as a reminder of what a wonderful trip it was and how much I enjoyed it. You will notice Thursday is blank, I spent that day very ill in bed, but even that couldn’t make the trip any less special. Below is one of the best moments of my life, sitting in a tree house on a coffee plantation drinking and espresso with some great friends.
Bolivia Tree House

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  1. Hi there my friend!
    When do you arrive?
    I got a flight thats arriving on the 6th of October.


  2. Hi Filip

    I spotted your name on the Jury sheet looking forward to meeting up again.

    I arrive very early in the morning of the 7th, so I expect you to have found some way for a morning coffee 🙂


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