Washed Coffee

I get asked the question a lot of the time what is washed coffee.

The problem is its as broad as it is wide as a term, and means many things to many people. But with our incredibly talented techie people we have put together a basic washed coffee guide.

Now for those in the know, yes there are many variations, and yes it changes from country to country, but this is an introduction into the whole process

I’m very very happy with it. I hope you enjoy

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  1. great video. Hugely helpful for people like me who thought they knew what ‘washed’ meant. Thanks Steve.

  2. Enjoyed!! A picture speaks a thousand words. I have heard the description many times but the video/drawings made it very clear.

    Speciality not Specialty

  3. Brilliant video Steve! Such a helpful guide, finally can SEE what really happens. Great idea, look forward to the next!

  4. Simply brilliant!…as everything you do at HAS BEAN!

  5. Great video Steve – superb production!

  6. Again, again, again you make a great job! I love it and would like to see more and more and more videos like this!

  7. Brilliant video, well explained, visually appealing, and a joy to watch.

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