Video blog from Brazil

While on the recent Trip to Brazil I did a couple of video diary blog posts, this one being the first.

Not much to see but I thought I’d pop it out there. Will take a look at the others once I have some time too and share.

Brazil Travel Diary from Stephen Leighton

In Brazil I seemed to be in a philosophical mood, and I spent much of the time pondering how far Has Bean has come and how lucky I am to do this job. Its funny how these times away allow you to take stock. The other video I did I don’t know if I will put up as I was maudlin and over emotional (well I was on Fazenda Cachoeria and it was amazing). I also did a short video on Inglaterra I will try to get up soon. I also did lots of tiny short videos I may do something with later.

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  1. Just found these travel diaries. Interesting story on the micro lots. What do they use to roast the samples- industrial roaster or one we may know?

  2. For this one Its the same sample roaster I use from pinalaise Great gas roasters.

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