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  1. Hey Steve

    Very interesting…It was one style of glass we didn’t try, tall and thin. One characteristic though I noticed is the taper at the top. From our ‘experiment’ we found a taper produced the richest aroma, so maybe that combined with the tall and thin is something to look at.

    Sadly I can forsee another foray coming on…

  2. Jossys comments on the earlier post are interesting too regarding the tapering to a point….too many variable, not enough time!

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  4. Just finished watching this and the other videos and some very interesting discussion and some good entertainment 🙂

    I’d often thought what I was drinking my coffee from could have an impact on how the taste was perceived. I knew it to be the case with wine, but never went to effort of experimenting with coffee. Drinking coffee from wine glasses is not a thought that comes naturally!

    When I looked at Jossy’s sketching it reminded me of something. Aren’t the larger Bodum Pavina classes shaped like that? i.e. the bigger version of the one you used in your video Matt. Would be interesting to see what flavours those bring out.

    I was thinking about the the elongated glasses you were using as well Matt that had good aroma but lacked flavour. Could it be due to the height of the glass and that with the aroma hitting you first, by the time liquid reaches your mouth the aroma and taste are separated? Given smell affects tastes, this could be why the coffee flavour appears to be gone when you taste it. Maybe this is also the case with wider rimmed wine glasses where there’s too much air mixing with the aroma, which probably isn’t as strong as a red win would be be for example.

    Just a thought, but a great set of experiments :).

  5. Hi Rob

    The larger Bodum are not tapered in at the top, so I do not *think* they would work as well. I think you are spot on about the taller glasses, especially the Quark glasses. I agree, drinking coffee from wines glasses is not natural, that’s why we used beer glasses 😉

  6. In the Antipodes, anything involving beer comes naturally 😉

  7. Very frustrating and I sort of wish of you hadn’t started this as there are so many variables, i cannot see there being a definitive answer!

    Thought you may have used a reliable porcelain mug as a reference throughout the test?

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