"Up North" Meet Up

Do you live in the York area? Do you like coffee? Then why are you not coming to our meet up on the 28th of March 2009

It is going to be held at Café Harlequin a coffee shop in York town centre we supply with coffee. This ones going to be great because Gordon and Marie (the shop owners and our wonderful hosts) can do all the hard work and I can drink coffee and relax. I hope you can come along. There are not many places left so act now.

Take a look at the link here for more details and sign up. Cost is going to be £5 (which will go to Charity, and we have plans to do a presentation on supply chain, how we developed the blend Gordon and Marie use, and why we chose the coffee we used, and then a live in my mug on the blend. The great news is for one month afterwards we are going to sell the blend on our site so you can try something very different.

Me and Gordon have an idea of a Battle of the coffees which will be optional and require a small donation, but its going to be a play off against two very special coffees each chosen by us, its up to us to sell them to you, tell you as much as we can about them and why we have gone for them. You will then decide winner, the looser will be covered in shame afterwards.

Hope to see you that link again is here.

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