Typica and Criolla Varietal

This one has been great fun to do. It started trying to find out more about Criolla (Machacamarca is stated as this varietal) and information was sparse. Hitting the books I found out that its another name in Bolivia and Peru for Typica.

I’m so enjoying putting these together its very cool indeed.

Varietal: Typica (also known as Criolla, Sumatra, Blawan Pasumah and Blue Mountain)

Related to: n/a

Origin: Central America

Grows best at: Higher Altitudes

Type: n/a

Prevalent in: Central America

Predominant Colour: Red

Fruit size: Large elongated cherries

Leaf Characteristics: Small elongated leaves

Botany: Natural Hybred

Special Notes:

My search for information on Criolla brought me to typica. Typica is grown throughout Central America Jamaica and some Indonesian islands. The plant has large elongated cherries, with the tree producing thin leaves that are long in appearance.

It grows best in sandy soils and mixed reports of its hardiness to pest and disease. Its yield is quite low. The famous Jamaican blue mountain is from the typical varietal.

Criolla (the Bolivian Machacamarca and the Café David) is another name for typica. Basically Typica is also known as Criollo in Peru, Bolivia and Colombia. This variety was introduced 100 years ago in the Piura Andes of Peru, because of its like of high altitudes. My experience of Typica and altitude has given some great results

Coffee that are typical on has bean, Bolivian Machacamarca, Bolivian Café David, Jamaica Blue mountain, El Salvador La Ilusion, some fairly acclaimed coffee.

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