Twelve Month Review part 2

So carrying on from the last blog post the Has Bean 12 month review

May 2010

May was a quite month, from what I can remember anyway, but it did involve one of my favourite in my mugs, cup of excellence against a cup of mediocrity, a bad mistake Timor with an amazing cup of excellence from Costa Rica

June 2010

June was all about London and of of the most memorable Summers I have ever had. The world barista championships were in my back yard for the first (and probably the last time for a very long time) , and I was sure I was going to enjoy it. Collaborating on the UK Barista champions blend and of course helping Colin Harmon from Ireland with his coffee.

Way too much to talk about, but just go read this

One of the best blog posts I think I have written, a real blast, but by the end I was glad it was over.

I was also honoured to be asked to guest blog post on Dirty Cup at the link here. It was a real month of blogging.

July 2010

After an amazing June, July was about to get a whole heap better. Without a doubt my favourite ever in my mug below, I didn’t think that Mario and Lupe would be up for it, but they were desperate to.

The Bolivia trip was life changing, I picked for the week, I processed the coffee, I lived with the family, and I loved every single moment of it. It was a journey from hell to get there, but worth it once I arrived.

From this I also had my favourite video that wasn’t an in my mug, I had been sitting on this music for a while for the right time and this was that time.

This just shows how long it takes to get here (coffee that is) that it was towards the end of the picking season while I was there, and it is still as I write this to arrive (around 10 days away), but I think its fair to say this coffee is embedded in everything we do at Has Bean, being number one in my top ten video post.

Another post I did was about the Brazil Terramater and the forest blend they had done for us. That arrived just before Christmas and is yet to get on the site, again showing how hard it can be to get coffees to these shores.

August 2010

Another Month another trip. I spent one week from each of these months away, and this is because of the great team we have at Has Bean, I’m very lucky. I’m very lucky because I get to visit these places too. For the second year on the trot I returned to Bahia. The first time was very much a fact finding mission, feel my way with the guys I was meetings, see what came with a small export from them. As lots of you enjoyed it worked very well, so this year was about cementing that and moving a much larger amount (a whole container which is a big deal for a small company like Has Bean). Nearly the whole harvest was in by this time so I spent the week traveling around and cupping like a demon.

This month you will really see the fruits of this trip on the website, we have brought back some amazing coffees.

The trip also brought home how difficult it can be buying these coffees, and how some diffuclt decisions need to be made. See the in my mug below

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