Twelve Month Review May and June 2009


OK going to try and speed these up so I can start posting some new stuff on here, so here we do May and June

May was the time for re designs, and revamp got a new lick of paint with the cinema screen look that I still love, great work by my good friend Loz.

in my mug

But it was also the month where we decided to do Tamper Tantrum the first which I talked about in the last month, so I wont go on any more.


June was just one thing stuck out in my mind, my working back stage at Glastonbury. To read more take a look at but the funniest thing to coem out of the weekend was my special in my mug. Scared security would come and move me on again, its funnty to see me go as quick as I can

Episode 33 In My Mug from Stephen Leighton

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  1. This is not true, the funniest thing to come out of that weekend was me loosing yours and Joes chalet keys after one too many drinky poos. Nice blog design by the way 😉

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