Twelve Month Review January 2009

So I’ve decided to do a Yearly review but instead of a big long post I’m going to do each month one day at a time. I think this will make it much more readable and easier for me to put together. I promise to try and finish it before the end of this January 🙂


January was a tough start to the year, with a complete overhaul of the website Has Bean. Lots of sweat and tears to get it there, but I think it was the right move as the old site began to groan under the strain. Even worth the losing the customer database. Thank you to every ones patience throguh this.

But the big part of January was the trip to Guatemala, mainly Antigua and a return to Amatitalan which was amazing. No matter how many time I go back to that farm its always a joy to meet up with the brothers and see how they have progressed. If you haven’t you should go back and watch the video of the brothers of La Perla and the videos of me on the farm with Francisco from El Bosque (see below), for me some of my best work: )

In My Mug El Bosque special from Stephen Leighton on Vimeo.

A great month, part of a great year, with another installment out tomorrow. Hope you enjoy

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  1. Emil Trollklint 3 January, 2010 at 4:54 am

    Yes, we do enjoy!!

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