Twelve Month Review February 2009

Day two of the blog marathon on the past twelve months, I hope you enjoy it. Thanks Emil for your kind comment on January’s entry 🙂


This was a very cool month for me, with the first ever Meet Up Group. We had over 35 people come to the roastery for a coffee and chat and look around and much fun was had by all (I think me enjoying it the most).

I’m often surprised and blessed at how wonderful my customer/friends are. All we did was drink coffee chat did a little but a tour of our small roastery In the cold of February, but everyone seemed to enjoy it. Its not lost on me I need to do another very soon. Maybe as soon as the weather gets warmer.


This was also the first time I got to meet David Walsh my good friend from and he brought along some guy who had won the irish barista championships. Little would I know that both of these guys would have such a huge influence on my life at has bean. Without this meet up there would have been no Atlanta (to come) and no Tamper Tantrum (also to come)

Good times spent with good friend in a good month. Starts to heat up in the next couple of months with some big events for me and Has Bean.

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  1. Can’t believe you only met Colin in February – your double act has become well crafted, and in such a short period. Where is the next T Tantrum?

  2. Next TT in the next couple of weeks, we have both been a little stressed out of late 🙂

  3. Have to second Keith’s surprise, i too thought you had known Colin for a lot longer. Great to hear a story like this, where a novel idea of a meet up led to a new best friendship and cool spin offs like TT. Mega excited about what you have up your sleeve for us in 2010!!

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