Top Ten Photos of 2007

This was something I meant to do around new year, but with things going off, I’ve put it on the back burner. But I’d already sorted them out so thought I’d post it any way. I hope you enjoy it. you can look at the whole set at the link here
Number 1

Number 1

Just look at the scenery, every time I look at this photo is blows me away. This is Las Nubes in Guatemala.

Number 2

This was at the UKBC in February 2007 and it was when James had just been crowned UK champ. So I didn’t know at the time but I was with the current WBC champion (I knew Klaus of course) and the guy who was going to take the crown (I hoped but didn’t know). Its a good fun photo and I like it.

Number 3

This is my little one, and I love the lighting a great photo of him and a nice arty shot.

Number 4

This is my wife Sarah, on a trip to Sunderland, its the first arty photo I’ve composed and I like it.

Number 5

Love this photo, this was from my day at Sunderland where I played.Nuff said

Number 6
Bolivia in October on the road of death, an amazing day with my good friend, something that will stay with me forever.

Number 7

El Bosque in Guatemala, was a wonderful farm and the highlight of the trip for me to meet the brothers who own it. Good times

Number 8

This is me in professional mode in Bolivia in October 2007, again I like this one as its me doing work and worth a fortune 🙂

Number 9

This was at Las Nubes in Guatemala in January 2007, I love this photo you don’t see me doing hard work often.

Number 10

Team Bolivia it looks like we went to war and we did, how no one broke any bones I’ve no idea, but we survuved and was great to mix it with the Bolivian boys.

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  1. Steve – great photos. The football one at the end – how come everyone is sweating apart from you?

  2. Steve, really enjoyed the photos. On the one at the UKBC, are Klaus and James really tall or had you just steppd into a hole?

  3. Hey Paul, I’m so fit the alititude didnt even effect me 🙂

    Steve they giants and I am tiny

    I really enjoy looking at these everytime I come back to them I smile, thats what photos should do I reckon.

  4. We’re that tall. No tricks.

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