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Not many of you know (I know this as not many people go there), but we have a forum called Has Forum. The board has been empty for a long while, and I think its time to wind it up. Its a shame as I love forums, but you need other people there to talk too.

But good news. I am the founder member of a coffee forum called I used to be very active on there, but the software got a little old, and the community dropped away. So much so the owner was going to wrap it up also. So I stepped in and offered to host the site and take on the running.

Part of the new revamp is that sponsors can have their own forum, so there is a Has Bean Coffee forum there. Also if you sign up the members room might have some special member offers too, so even more reason to get involved. And hopefully there will be more people coming along over time.

The great thing about the rest of the forum is that is a non advertising (and is managed by a group of admins who are amazing). A friendly forum where being nasty won’t be tolerated and keyboard warriors rejected, but also where no question is too stupid. With over 120,000 posts most have been asked and you can search, or ask again and hopefully we will build up enough people to answer them.

Look forwards to seeing you pop along soon.

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  1. Shame, I was planning a post this weekend but it has been very, very quiet there (Hasblog) ever since I joined.
    Never mind, it’s not the blog but the coffee that counts. See you at TMC.

  2. Never heard of it 😛

  3. If you want a little early offer, use the promo code BEN-SLUI9Q at

  4. Thank you for the information on the forums. It seems a little quiet there…. We would certainly like to add to an active coffee community!

    You can visit us:

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