These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

A few years back we were the first independent coffee company to have an iphone app (as far as I know prove me wrong or I’ll keep saying it).

It wasn’t very good but it was the first. Then we met Nigel (well we had known him for a while as an awesome in my mugger, and friend of Has Bean) but introduced himself as some one who could make the app ace.

He did this with cherries piled on top, an app I think that is both useful and has a purpose (still don’t know any other coffee app you buy coffee in, learn how to brew it and take a photo of it after you have done so to share with others). Nigel did this for us for coffee money, which was good as that was all the budget we had for it.

I love apple, I own apple devices and I was happy that we had an iOS app to share. But some of you are crazy people own something called an android. I have no idea what it is, but I am told its popular as you can get them free on your contract and your not locked in to the platform and they are ace (you will have to forgive me, but when the android lecture gets to this point I glaze over and start thinking about apple stores or genius bars, or ipad’s)

But one thing that did sink in (maybe because of the hundreds of emails I received from droid users) was that you also wanted an app. Unfortunately the budget for this was around the same (a button, a curley wriley and a Kevin philips panini sticker from 2002) so we began the hunt for a developer who would work for coffee. Luckily I think Nigel’s stash from the iphone app has run down, and he decided to go and learn how to program in android, to help with making them port as closely as possible, and to make the droid app as cool as our iphone app.

Being the clever man he is (he is very clever) he has produced android app version 0.5. It doesn’t have the store or the other lovely bits of iOS, but it will and will in the next few months. This is the first incarnation to give you a taste of whats to come. Treat this as an amuse-bouche before the main course is served.

You can download it here, the more people that down load it, the more it will both motivate Nigel, and push me for him to get the store live as I’m losing money not doing so. down load now !!!

Its a start of a road that I am sure will be fun.

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  1. Downloaded! Been waiting for this for some time!

  2. Jonathan Campbell 29 September, 2012 at 4:54 pm

    Downloaded. Looks promising. Now all you need is an Amazon-like shop built into it for quick ordering of coffee from one’s phone (storing payment & delivery address options etc).

  3. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!

  4. I’m in.

    Better late than never. I hope hasbean towers is all set up ready for the extra trade that the market leading platform will bring 😉

  5. Great, thanks for this

    cant wait to see it develop further 🙂

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