The Roastery Tour Video

Lots of people ask us how were settling into the new roastery, and they would like to know more about where we roast and the people here.

The ideal would be to show people around (and in the spring / summer we will have an open day) but its impractical, its a working environment, food prep area and not somewhere you can have people walking through.

So my love of video, has lead me to this, our new video The Has Bean Coffee Roastery Tour. This will give you an insight to the team, where we work and what we do. Also that we have some fun while we do it too.

We also bought a fancy domainname

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  1. Excellent video! Good to see all the hasbeans beavering away…. and may you go from strength to strength. However, I definitely think you need a few more red things in the building….

  2. Hi Steve,

    Great video, I’m surprised you weren’t wearing red trousers :o)

  3. Richard, the power of photoshop !!

  4. Fantastic setup mate, definately something to aspire to ๐Ÿ˜‰

    What type of roaster is the little red one sitting on the pallet in the corner of the hallway?…. me likey!!

    Great to see such a busy yet happy team, and it’s that level of care in each department that puts your operation head and shoulders above so many others!!

  5. David the little red one is the first I started in my garage with 8 years ago.

    Thanks for the kind words

  6. Thanks, what a brilliant insight. Recruiting? Ha.

    You should do a Willy Wonka style “Golden (Red?) Ticket” competition for a tour and educational visit ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Hey Tom

    I love the idea !!!

    Hmm red trousers Richard

  8. Shame – Vimeo seem to have pulled it before I could watch it. Have you got the direct link to it on the Vimeo site?

  9. hi james

    Still above and here

    Its not on vimeos main site (never was its part of their pro hosting)

  10. Oh my god what an awesome place to work….. I guess tea breaks don’t happen!

  11. Tea what ? …… ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. What a cool, friendly vid, cheers mate.

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