The oscars, the award ceremony

So don your tuxedo, borrow the diamonds, and frock up for the first ever Has Bean Coffee Oscar awards.

Voted by you the public, here are the categories:

Best In My Mug
Best “the other category”
Best Brew Guide
Best Wholesale Video

Best In My Mug category: strongly contested, with In My Mug now in its 175th guise, so more to choose from and more bloopers to endear to the heart. But the runaway winner with over 44% of the vote – it’s episode 167, filmed on Finca Alaska in El Salvador.

Best “the other category”: videos that don’t fit into any other category; the one offs, the fun videos. The uncontested outright winner with a whopping 69% of the votes is the roastery tour!!!

The Roastery Tour Video

Best Wholesale Video: this was conclusive again. The three other contenders all had the same numbers of votes in, but with 51% of the vote the award goes to Fairer Than That. A shock result for me, but a very happy one.

Best Brew Guide: some tough competition here, with the Chemex and the cupping guides both doing well. But again, the result’s clear and decisive, and with 52% of the votes it’s the first guide we did: the Aeropress video.

A Brewing Guide Episode 1: Aeropress

So there we have it – the Has Bean Oscars.

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