The Oscars

So its oscars night, and today we have the Has Bean coffee Oscars night. Awards given for the amazingness of Has Bean Videos

There is a serious side to this, its good to get feedback on what you like and what from our videos, but also a bit of fun too

So the categories are

Best Blend Ad

Best In My Mug

Best Wholesale Video

Best Brew Guide

There is a vote button at the bottom so please leave your mark. Results will be next week (the 5th of March 2012)

Best Blend Ad





Breakfast Bomb


Best in my mug

So I chose 4 of my favourite in my mugs for you to choose from

In My Mug Episode 167

In My mug Episode 161

In My mug episode 150

In My mug episode 142

In My Mug Episode 119

Best Wholesale video

What we do

how we do

the result

Fairer than that

Best Brew Guide




cupping guide

eva solo

french press


Christmas Card

In My roastery Number 1

the Road to Yirgacheffe

Roastery Tour

Wholesale Outtakes

To Vote Click here (you will need to let a pop up happen)

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  1. My votes are in, but for me the overall winner is the How We Do video as it reflects Has Bean to a tee.

    The transparency you excercise means customers can benefit from your expertise and improve the quality of the coffee we drink. Tutorials like the brewing guides show how much you care about us bringing out the best flavours in the final phase of a process your team have nurtured all the way to our letter box. I have worked in supply chain for 13yrs and this short video demonstrates end to end quality better than any corporate training material i have witnessed.

    Your closing comment sums up perfectly, as it was Has Beans customer service ethos that first blew me away, and has continued to 4yrs on.

    Get that red suit ironed for the results ceremony πŸ™‚

  2. Agghhh your going to have to stop I’m blushing πŸ™‚

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