The next twelve months

So after doing a look at the past twelve months I wanted to let you in on what I see happening over the next 12 months. So at the end I can check over how well or not we have done. Also a little prompt as when you say your going to do stuff in the open you really have to get on and do it all.

In My Mug

I see in my mug as a really important part of what we do. I plan over the next twelve months to do much more out the roastery shoots, and continue to find the amazing coffees we have in the past. I also hope with the help of Aiden to develop the app, and get more people able to use it (as desk top and an android and windows 7 version all planned)

Blog posting

I want to try and be more focused on my blog postings. I’d appreciate if you can let me know what kind of thing you would like me to focus on. My varietal posts are something I want to personally do some more with and collate in some way, but thats a personal indulgence. Do let me know but the blog will be more used.

Direct Trade

the very end of 2010 saw us bring in our first ever container from Brazil. At the time of writing our second has landed and were awaiting the first delivery from Bolivia. This is going to be an ongoing theme of 2011 for me doing direct trade, but also finding out much more about the farms.

Has Bean App

We have already started this one with Nigel but an ipad version is planned of the app and we will continue to develop this. Let us know what you want need and we will make sure we keep making it better


The blends will continue to develop and change (even if the names don’t) I have some ideas for a killer filter blend for 2011 and I also want to keep looking at how we can do better with some guest type blends.


I have a trip planned in February to central america where I will be looking to cement some already built relationships and look to find some more exciting coffees for 2011-12 I’m also have some plans afoot to get to Africa this year if I can. Africa is somewhere I think I can do better, and will continue to try to do so.

Africa and Asia

As I said in the trips section we need to do better here, and I want to make sure we do exactly that. Africa we have three coffees at the time of writing and asia we have six. I want this to be more, so the cupping table will be overflowing.

Barista Competition

I announced in April last year I wasn’t going to do any more competition blends for barista competition. I think looking back at the past year, I’d have a big hole if I did this, so I expect to continue to work with great baristas, and continue to learn from them, as and where we can.

Brew Guides

I have loved the brew guides so far, the last one of 2010 eva solo was one that not so many people use, but the first of 2011 will be a very popular brew method, and the plan is to build up a large library of these, tackling some of the difficult ones, like espresso, milk steaming etc that will take lots of work to get right.

There are some other ideas I have for 2011 but things need to be lined up before then and thought through but I see it as a very exciting year ahead.

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  1. Definitely agree with getting the app off iOS-only and onto more systems. As an avid Android user who doesn’t own or ever want an iPhone, but uses his (far superior) phone all the time; I’d love to contribute from my mobile.
    Brewing guides are awesome, and it’d be great to have one for each method (if they aren’t there already).
    Keep up the great work Steve, the next year sounds really interesting!

  2. Also looking forward to the Android version, though what I would really benefit from is a guide/blog/podcast about the cupping process.
    I have been into speciality coffee for a few years and had some amazing coffees both at home and at some of the best coffee shops around the world but the process of cupping and evaluating them according to “mouthfeel”, “clean cup” and “balance” seem intangible to me and I suspect a few other hasbeanites. I have read some guides but I’d love to hear your take on it and I’m sure this would result in many more of us adding our cupping notes to the site via the various apps.
    Happy New Year!

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