The new space

So the new space is kind of up and running. I’ve got a few photos


New packing Area

The cupping lab is not finished as I’m putting in some cupboards and have ordered a cool cupping table, but its getting there.


Cupping Lab

I cant tell you how much work this has been, its taken a lot of time and effort but its very cool. Once the lab is up and running its going to be a great space to cup.

The Bar

the bar area was built by our friend Bob who has done a great job. I’m very pleased with it, it has a hatch and door and everything. I even have a Beer hand pump on its way so I need never go home.

The Roastery

The Roastery also has more space now. the big gaps are so I can get the fork lift in and out easily, its great as we can hold so much more coffee now, so ordering need not be so stressed.

All in all its great to have it operational, even if there are some small jobs left to do.

More Roastery

roastery old.jpg

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  1. Hey Steve

    This space looks superb.

    When is the Grand Opening?

  2. I guess I may have to do something soon. I’ll wait till my cupping labs finished first though πŸ™‚

  3. Looks awesome. Going to have to pay a trip to hasbean at some point by the looks of things. Well done!

  4. Looks awesome Steve, i’m going to have to pay you a visit at some point. Well done!

  5. WOW! Looking great Steve, very impressive.

    Congrats on all the hard work! πŸ™‚

  6. That’s looking great Steve, now all I need is an excuse to get to England πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks so much for everyones kind words.

  8. Wow that is roomy! Much better working environment for you. Well done on all the hard work!

  9. I am so glad to be witness to the expansion and the fully deserved success of HB.
    there blood and sweat in thoose stone walls Mr Leighton !
    (clapping out loud)

  10. Mark Anderson 27 May, 2008 at 7:10 pm

    Looks fantastic Steve… must say I am more than slightly jealous of the additional space!! πŸ™‚ Hope it serves you well – you deserve it!

  11. Steve that is looking really good. I’d love to see photo’s of HB’s development over the years from the very early days to this…any chance of that?

  12. Thanks so much to everyone for your kind comments.

    Matt I wish I did have a series of photos because of a computer crash a few years ago and no backing up I have very little. I will have a dig through what I do have to see if I have anything.

    thanks again everyone

  13. Congraulations Steve, to you and your team, on all your hard work in getting the new place up and running. See you next month for some more wonderful coffee and a look around.

  14. Hey Steve, your space looks amazing, I am so jealous. One of these days I need to make a trip back to the Empire and visit all the coffee happenings over there. I ever you are in Edmonton, you are always welcome.

  15. It looks superb Steve. You and Sarah have done a lovely job and thoroughly deserve the extra space to work in πŸ˜€

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